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Ensign Baker (died 1777) was a British Army soldier. He was shot and killed by Abraham Woodhull, after discovering that Abe was a spy for the Continental Army.



When asked of his parents by Mary Woodhull, Baker mentions having never known his mother or father and he was raised in an orphanage.

British Army service

Baker was quartered at the home of Abe and Mary Woodhull. Unlike the other Redcoats in Setauket, he is more sympathetic and kind to the colonists, regularly assisting Mary with work around the home and farm.

He is also a man or moral aptitude, when he walked in on Abe and Anna's adulterous affair, he sternly reprimands Abe, reminding him that his relationship with Mary and their son Thomas was one of the key factors in Baker's decision to enlist and serve in the British Army.

When Caleb Brewster escapes in Setauket by rowboat, Major Hewlett has Baker publicly flogged. Upon Simcoe's return to Setauket, he saves Abraham from being beaten by Simcoe and serves as Abe's second in their duel by the river.

During the Battle of Setauket, Baker and several other Redcoats are captured by the rebels. During the siege on the church, Simcoe has colonial prisoners, including Caleb Brewster's uncle and Benjamin Tallmadge's father line the church windows as human shields. When Caleb suggests doing the same to the British prisoners, Baker pleads with Caleb and Benjamin to reason with Major Hewlett, calling him a "fair man" despite having been previously humiliated by him.


After discovering that Abe was a spy for the Continental Army, Baker refused to let him leave and readied his rifle, but Abe shot and killed him. Mary quickly came up with a plan to make it appear that Baker died under other circumstances. She burned the house as Abe and Thomas went outside, where she soon joined them, to watch their house burn down, with Baker's body inside.

Behind the Scenes

Baker was portrayed by Thomas Keegan in Season 1 of Turn: Washington's Spies.