General Charles Scott is a Major General for the Continental Army that Captain Benjamin Tallmadge attempted to gain support from to recruit a spy. Though this was declined by Scott, who was the head of intelligence, Ben would go on to recruit Abraham Woodhull and with Abe, the assistance of Anna Strong and Caleb Brewster, under the command of General George Washington, the Culper Ring was formed.

General Scott later prevented the murder of Captain John Graves Simcoe at the hands of Captain Tallmadge after Tallmadge and Caleb Brewster had interrogated and tortured Simcoe for information.

With Caleb having left to gain the assistance of Abe, General Scott and Tallmadge were confronted with a mutiny. Lasting until the morning, Tallmadge managed to put the mutiny down, killing one of the mutineers. General Scott executed the remaining two, to set an example for future attempts.

Brewster returned to Tallmadge and Scott with information from Abe that told of Hessians marching upon Trenton, New Jersey. General Scott discarded the proof, but Tallmadge and Brewster managed to get word to General Washington's report table.

General Washington received the intelligence and ended up securing victories at Trenton and Princeton. General Washington then met with Scott, Tallmadge and Nathaniel Sackett, a civilian that Scott opposed being involved in the meeting. After much debate and disagreement, the Culper Ring was founded, Tallmadge was promoted to Major and assigned as the new head of the intelligence branch, while Scott was assigned to the war front.


Continental Army service

Benjamin Tallmadge meeting with Charles Scott

Ben Tallmadge meets with General Scott.

In the autumn of 1776, after Captain Benjamin Tallmadge was ambushed by Robert Rogers and his Queen's Rangers, Tallmadge reported to General Scott and asked of him the permission to recruit a spy, insisting that Rogers knew that the Continental Army forces were coming.

As the head of the intelligence branch, General Scott declined Tallmadge's request. Tallmadge would, however, go on to recruit one regardless, with the help of Caleb Brewster. The childhood friend of the two, Abraham Woodhull, was their choice.

With much attempted persuasion, Woodhull, also gaining the assistance of Anna Strong, eventually decided to aid them in venture and under the command of General George Washington, the Culper Ring was formed.

Charles Scott prevents John Graves Simcoe's death

General Scott preventing Simcoe's death.

General Scott later intercepted and stopped Captain Tallmadge from murdering Captain John Graves Simcoe after Tallmadge and Caleb Brewster had tortured Captain Simcoe for information. Scott informed Tallmadge that he would come with him and possibly face a court-martial.

During their travels to Fort Lee, General Scott and his men encountered wounded Continental militia that informed them that the Fort had been taken and that General George Washington was said to be captured. General Scott, Captain Tallmadge and Captain Simcoe were then welcomed into the home of Gideon and Rachel.

However, during their stay, four Continental soldiers attempted to take Simcoe into their custody. Scott was wounded and Gideon and one of the mutineers were killed during a brief firefight and soon, all parties at the home were forced into a standoff. Scott and Tallmadge eventually left the cover of the home, acting as though they were surrendering.

Eben Bascombe death

General Scott executes Eben Bascombe.

However, Captain Tallmadge quickly pulled a hidden pistol and killed one of the mutineers. In the remaining fight, he managed to wound another and secure the area. As Captain Simcoe was taken back into Continental Army custody, Scott executed one of the remaining enemies and ordered Tallmadge to execute the other. Refusing, Tallmadge then watched as Scott executed the other mutineer.

Brewster returned to Tallmadge and Scott with news from Abe, regarding the news of Hessian forces marching upon Trenton, New Jersey. Though halted after the evidence was destroyed by General Scott, Tallmadge and Scott managed to create new proof and had it sent to General Washington's report table.

General Washington received the intelligence and ended up securing victories at Trenton and Princeton. General Washington later met with General Scott and Captain Tallmadge, introducing them to Nathaniel Sackett, a civilian, who Scott insisted should not be present at the meeting. Tallmadge requested the source of Abe's name from Washington who chose not to give it. Washington then told the three men to discuss the possibility of a spy ring and to make a combined decision for when he returns. Washington then left, leaving the three men to confer.

Charles Scott refuses to approve a spy ring

Scott refuses to approve a spy ring.

Scott and Tallmadge disagreed greatly during the discussions, with Scott eventually walking out of the discussion. Later, when Washington returned, Scott insisted on continuing to use traditional reconnaissance methods, with Tallmadge disagreeing and telling Washington that his spy chain will work, but only with mutual trust, which they currently lack. Tallmadge then again asked how Washington obtained Abe's name. Washington asked to speak with Tallmadge alone and informed him of the source of Abe's name.

Washington later promoted Tallmadge to Major and put him in charge of the intelligence branch, assigning Scott to the war front.

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Charles Scott was portrayed by Michael Gaston in Season 1 of Turn: Washington's Spies.


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