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There are 2 comics of Turn: Washington's Spies.

Season 1

Picture Title Number Season Number Original Release
Turn Origins cover.jpg Turn: Origins 1 1 March 26, 2014
The roots of the friendship of Abe Woodhull, Anna Strong, Caleb Brewster and Ben Tallmadge form during their childhood. A British occupation of their hometown of Setauket turns a farmer, a tavern owner, a whaleboatman, and a rebel soldier into Washington’s most valuable assets.

Season 2

Picture Title Number Season Number Original Release
Rivals cover.jpg "Rivals"
Chapter 1
2 1 April 10, 2015
Chapter 2
April 15, 2015
George Washington and Robert Rogers weren’t always enemies. In fact, they were once warriors who fought on the same side, until a series of events pitted the man of reason and the man of blood against one another.
Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1 (2014)
Turn: Origins

101. "Pilot"
102. "Who by Fire"
103. "Of Cabbages and Kings"
104. "Eternity How Long"
105. "Epiphany"

106. "Mr. Culpeper"
107. "Mercy Moment Murder Measure"
108. "Challenge"
109. "Against Thy Neighbor"
110. "The Battle of Setauket"

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 2 (2015)

201. "Thoughts of a Free Man"
202. "Hard Boiled"
203. "False Flag"
204. "Men of Blood"
205. "Sealed Fate"

206. "Houses Divided"
207. "Valley Forge"
208. "Providence"
209. "The Prodigal"
210. "Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot"

See also: S1S2S3S4