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Major John André (May 2, 1750 – October 2, 1780) was a British Army officer hanged as a spy by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to the British.


British Army service

In 1775, Robert Rogers arrived in America from London. He soon made his way to the Duchess of Gordon, where he met with General Henry Clinton. At the meeting, Rogers offered his services to the General Clinton and the British. However, André, a Captain at the time, who was there as well, told him not to be too hasty. General Clinton introduced André as one of his most trusted aides. General Clinton then told Rogers that his offer would be considered. Rogers left, telling them not to wait too long to decide.

Later, in the autumn of 1776, in Brooklyn Harbor, two Redcoats visited Rogers on his armed sloop and gave the mercenary his payment. They then notified him that André, now a Major, wanted to meet. Rogers then saw André watching from a window on shore.

Rogers met with André, who asked him to ambush a rebel safe house in Connecticut. Rogers questioned the source of André's intel and said that he'd only do it for double the price. André refused to pay and Rogers declined the safe house ambush.

Abraham Woodhull later deciphered a dispatch from André, leading to the an ambush on André's men, with all but Captain John Graves Simcoe being killed.


Characters met

Behind the Scenes

John André was portrayed by JJ Feild in Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Turn: Washington's Spies.




Season 1

"André is the head of British Intelligence and bases his operations out of New York. Far more versed in counter espionage tactics than his counterpart, Ben Tallmadge, he is experienced and cunning in his ability to take down targets. Known for his keen eye for human weakness, André employs a variety of methods to turn sources and isn’t above using sex, money and the promise of power to get his man."
Official description

Season 2

"The head of British Intelligence, John André is far more versed in counterespionage tactics than his counterpart Ben Tallmadge. Not above using sex, money and the promise of power to get his man, André is known for his keen eye for human weakness. He successfully blackmailed high level Continental General Charles Lee into agreeing to betray Washington, but the plot was stymied by Washington’s surprise victory at Trenton. Despite the setback, André remains patient, waiting for his moment to strike."
Official description

Season 3

"Cool and charismatic, John André is Ben Tallmadge's opposite number, the head of British intelligence. For most of the conflict, André has prioritized military conquests over romantic ones, convincing his former lover Philomena to use her feminine wiles on a rival general and gain intelligence on his behalf. André resolves to use Peggy Shippen, the most sought-after woman in the colonies, in a similar manner against Benedict Arnold. But he didn't count on falling in love with her. When André must retreat from Philadelphia, he reluctantly leaves Peggy behind. She is to befriend Benedict Arnold and introduce him to André, thereby changing the course of the war and earning André the honors and riches that will allow him to marry her. But this strategy is complicated when the relentless Arnold convinces Peggy's father to give him her hand. His plan having worked too well, André enters Season Three racing to turn Arnold before Peggy is forced to marry him. He will risk everything to gain happiness in both his personal and military life -- potentially pushing both to the brink of ruin."
Official description