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Our Man in New York

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Production number

Running time43 minutes

Original airdateJuly 15, 2017

Nielsen rating18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):

Written byAlexander Rose

Directed byEagle Egilsson

"Private Woodhull""Quarry"


The plot to kidnap Benedict Arnold is hatched. Peggy learns Cicero's secret. Washington and the French clash over strategy.


In the middle of New Windsor camp, Caleb Brewster attacks Sergeant John Champe for glorifying Benedict Arnold. Ben Tallmadge breaks up the fight.

Inside his tent, Ben commends Caleb and Champe for making their fight look believable. He reviews a plan for Champe to get close to Arnold by defecting to the British with a book of false intelligence and convincing the enemy that other defectors will come as well. He instructs Champe to make contact with their agent in the city by using the phrase, “Missing the summer of ’73.”

Abe Woodhull and Arnold meet with Major Hewlett to discuss the Connecticut massacre. Hewlett agrees to contact his sources to track down the culprits. He secretly insinuates to Abe in his statements that Abe should flee the colonies, or else he will be caught and hanged.

While in camp, Mary Woodhull finds a copy of the Royal Gazette and spots Robert Townsend’s brandy advertisement on the front page. Ann Barnes looks over her shoulder. Reading the advertisement for fine goods, she implies that Anna Strong gets special treatment in camp. Mary leaves to speak with Anna.

Anna leaves her tent with the book of false intelligence hidden in her cape. Mary follows her.

Anna meets Ben in the barn and gives him the book. Ben accidentally offends her when he says the book doesn’t look like it’s been made by a woman. To save face, Ben says he told Selah Strong that she was needed in the camp. She remarks that Selah gave her a choice to stay in camp, rather than forcing her to accompany him to Philadelphia. Ben asks if that makes her happy. Mary interrupts their conversation to protest that Ben is keeping her in the dark, meanwhile informing Anna of Abe’s movements. Anna insists that they’re merely trying to keep sensitive information from possible spies in camp. Mary wonders how an adulteress is more trustworthy than his wife and storms out.

Abe follows Hewlett to Rivington’s Corner and sees Hewlett chatting with Townsend inside. Sergeant Dowling spots Abe breaking his curfew and escorts him back to the barracks.

Inside Rivington’s Corner, Hewlett and Colonel Simcoe spot each other from across the room. Simcoe leaves.

The next day, Simcoe visits a brothel at Holy Ground and pays Lola, one of the prostitutes, to spend the night with him.

Simcoe instructs his Rangers, Falkoff and Motlow, dressed in plainclothes, to kidnap Hewlett and bring him to Lola’s tent that night, where he will kill Hewlett — and Lola, for being a witness.

Peggy Arnold interrogates Cicero about his conversation with Abe at the Kennedy House. He claims that they merely talked about Setauket.

Abe meets with Townsend in Townsend’s room and demands to know the nature of his relationship with Hewlett. Townsend insists that Hewlett is just a customer and asks why Abe is hiding a knife. Abe draws the knife and warns him that Hewlett knows he is Culper. Townsend wonders why he’s never been told about Hewlett and asks if he should run. Abe vows to deal with Hewlett. Townsend finds Hewlett’s address on a bill.

General Washington discusses his plan with Comte de Rochambeau.

General Washington meets with French General Comte De Rochambeau and tries to convince him that they should attack York City to cut off General Clinton and the British supply route, rather than attack the south, which is more vulnerable. The French disagree, but on friendly terms.

Champe gallops out of camp with the book of fake intelligence in his pocket. A soldier spots him and informs Ben that Champe is deserting.

Peggy tells Arnold that she witnessed Abe and Cicero conferring in a conspiratorial manner at the Kennedy House. Arnold accuses her of trying to manipulate him. He calls in Abigail and commands her not to try to appeal to him through Peggy. Abigail, confused, agrees and leaves. Arnold declares that Peggy’s opinions no longer matter to him, and that she is only meant to fulfill the contract of their marriage: to service his needs and provide him with sons and social standing. Tearing up, Peggy affirms she understands him and walks out.

Champe races toward the enemy line. Ben leads a team of men after Champe. Redcoats fire at them from the enemy line. Champe shouts his surrender to the British and they let him forward. Ben orders Caleb to shoot Champe. Caleb shoots Champe in the arm, injuring him but ultimately allowing him to reach the British.

Abe breaks into Hewlett’s house and discovers a journal filled with fake intelligence obtained from fake sources.

Simcoe’s Rangers Falkoff and Motlow stake out Hewlett’s house.

Simcoe has sex with Lola in her tent. Afterwards, Simcoe asks her if she can read; she says she can read men. Lola guesses that Simcoe harbors a sad side that he never reveals to the public. Lola tells Simcoe to trust her, and then grabs his throat.

Hewlett returns home. Falkoff and Motlow have a horse and cart stationed outside Hewlett’s window. Falkoff climbs up.

Abe hears a door opening and hides in the bedroom. He spots Falkoff sneaking in through the window. Abe and Falkoff exchange punches before Falkoff gets Abe in a chokehold. Hewlett walks into the bedroom and discovers Abe and Falkoff fighting. Working together, Hewlett and Abe kill Falkoff. Hewlett tells Abe that Simcoe is plotting to kill him and has another man stationed outside.

Hewlett dumps Falkoff’s body into Motlow’s wagon from the window. Motlow quickly rides off.

Hewlett tells Abe that he went back to England but returned to York City after he was unable to sell his commission. When Abe confronts him about the fake intelligence, Hewlett explains that he merely took the job as head of intelligence because he wants to earn enough money to buy an estate and “get what he cares about.” Abe assumes Hewlett is talking about Anna, but Hewlett says he wants to study science in solitude. Abe offers to give him Whitehall if he helps kill Simcoe.

Lola ties up Simcoe and cuts his chest as an act of foreplay. They make love. Motlow interrupts and summons Simcoe outside.

Motlow shows Falkoff’s body to Simcoe. Simcoe doubts that Hewlett acted alone. He commands Motlow to drive the body north and dispose of it.

Mrs. Barnes tells Mary that Thomas wrote his real name, Woodhull, on a blackboard, and deduces that Mary comes from the “very Tory” Woodhull family. She reveals that she, too, is a Tory and that her real name is Ann Bates. She says they have to stick together and asks what Mary knows about Anna and Ben.

Peggy demands the truth about what Cicero discussed with Abe. Abigail walks in the room behind Peggy. Cicero admits that Abe is a rebel spy who plans to kidnap Arnold. Behind Peggy, Abigail quietly grabs a candlestick and prepares to bludgeon Peggy with it. “Count me in,” Peggy says. Abigail silently replaces the candlestick on the mantle.





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Opening credits

TURN: Washington's Spies

Closing credits

  • Associate Producer Sara N. Guillén
  • Unit Production Manager Henry Bronchtein
  • Unit Production Manager Penny Adams
  • First Assistant Director Frank Ferro
  • Second Assistant Director Kristofer Kolpek
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  • Main Title Design by Shine
  • Main Title Theme "Hush" by Joy Williams, Charlie Peacock & Matt Berninger
    • Performed by Joy Williams & Matt Berninger
  • Filmed with ARRI Cameras and Lenses
  • Special Thanks to The Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Film Office, Virginia Department of Corrections


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Tippling House: An establishment where alcohol is served

Antifogmatic : An alcoholic drink taken in the morning to brace oneself before going out into bad weather. [1]

Camp Follower: a civilian who works in or is attached to a military camp [2]

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