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Turn Season 4 poster 2.jpg
Original run June 17, 2017 – August 12, 2017
No. of Episodes 10
Length 41–46 minutes
54 minutes ("Washington's Spies")
442 minutes (total)
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
0.14 (average)
Viewers (million):
0.64 (average)
Home video release
DVD release
Blu-ray Disc release
Previous Season 3
"Finish the fight"

Season 4 of Turn: Washington's Spies aired from June 17, 2017 to August 12, 2017. The season takes place during 1780 and 1781.


Notorious traitor Benedict Arnold takes his revenge on George Washington by rounding up suspected rebel spies to impress his new British commanders. Meanwhile, Abe Woodhull and the other members of the Culper Ring escape Arnold’s clutches and unintended consequences compel Abe to seek revenge.

For his side to prevail, Abe must forsake his bloodlust and turn his attention toward the one thing that truly matters: winning the war.


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Picture Title Number Season Number Original Airdate 18-49 rating U.S. viewers
Turn Season 4 Episode 1.jpg "Spyhunter General" 31 1 June 17, 2017 0.20 0.66
Benedict Arnold rounds up spies in New York. Abe plots to destroy essential British supplies, but he will need his father's help.
Turn Season 4 Episode 2.jpg "The Black Hole of Calcutta" 32 2 June 17, 2017 0.20 0.66
When one of the Culper Ring members is captured, Arnold seeks to interrogate him - with the help of a ruthless Colonel Simcoe.
Turn Season 4 Episode 3.jpg "Blood for Blood" 33 3 June 24, 2017 0.10 0.65
Abe's scheme to rescue Caleb turns deadly. Anna faces a difficult decision. Arnold suspects Peggy is keeping a secret from him.
Turn Season 4 Episode 4.jpg "Nightmare" 34 4 July 1, 2017 0.20 0.68
Amidst a growing rebellion in camp, the Culper Ring must chart a new course. Arnold finds an unlikely ally. Rivington teaches Townsend a lesson.
Turn Season 4 Episode 5.jpg "Private Woodhull" 35 5 July 8, 2017 0.10 0.64
Seeking revenge against Simcoe, Abe travels to New York and meets Benedict Arnold. A visitor from Anna's past comes to the continental camp.
Turn Season 4 Episode 6.jpg "Our Man in New York" 36 6 July 15, 2017 0.10 0.60
The plot to kidnap Benedict Arnold is hatched. Peggy learns Cicero's secret. Washington and the French clash over strategy.
Turn Season 4 Episode 7.jpg "Quarry" 37 7 July 22, 2017 0.10 0.55
Ben's plan to kidnap Benedict Arnold conflicts with Abe's plot to kill Simcoe. Shifting loyalties turn old enemies into allies.
Turn Season 4 Episode 8.jpg "Belly of the Beast" 38 8 July 29, 2017 0.10 0.60
As Abe is thrust into battle, Ben appeals to General Washington. Townsend risks everything, while Caleb seeks redemption.
Turn Season 4 Episode 9.jpg "Reckoning" 39 9 August 5, 2017 0.10 0.64
After receiving Abe's intel, Washington heads south to lay siege on Yorktown. Abe volunteers for the Continental Army. Peggy goes into labor.
Turn Season 4 Episode 10.jpg "Washington's Spies" 40 10 August 12, 2017 0.20 0.75
The fate of the Culper Ring is revealed; the American War of Independence comes to an end; a settling of accounts between shadows and spies; America struggles to begin.

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Season 4 was announced on July 26, 2016 and began filming on January 12, 2017.

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