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Captain Thomas Woodhull (1746 – 1773) was a British Army officer who served in the King's Militia, the son of Richard Woodhull and Rebecca Woodhull and the brother of Abraham Woodhull. He was killed while putting down a riot at King's College.

In 1776, after much consideration and protest from Abe and the townspeople of Setauket, Thomas' gravestone was removed by Richard, after Major Hewlett resolved to have gravestones removed to use as cover for a canon emplacement.


Early life

Thomas Woodhull was born in 1746 to Richard Woodhull and Rebecca Woodhull (1728–1757). He had a younger brother, Abraham.

During his youth, Thomas would have discussions with his father, that Abe would spy on from a nearby window.

British Army service

Receiving both approval and hatred from his service, Thomas joined the British Army. Richard and Abe were at his farewell party, in which he was yelled at by a Colonial with a hatred for the British.

Before his death, he was engaged to Mary Woodhull, an engagement arranged prior to their knowing each other, though Thomas was eager to welcome her into the family.


In 1773, at King's College, Abe placed a Phrygian cap on the Liberty Pole, starting a riot. Thomas was killed while attempting to put down the riot. His body was buried in a graveyard in Setauket. Abe would blame himself for Thomas' death for years to come.


Abraham later married Mary and Thomas would later be remembered multiple times by both his father and brother and shared a name with Abraham and Mary's son, his nephew.

After his death, Richard, Abraham, Mary and young Thomas would visit the grave of their late relative.

Thomas' gravestone falls.

In 1776, Major Hewlett, of the British Army, asked Richard Woodhull to choose gravestones to be removed from the graveyard and used as cover for a canon. Despite an early angered reaction at this and much protest from Abraham and the people of Setauket, Richard led by example and removed Thomas' gravestone himself.

Abe watched on in anger as the remaining townspeople lent a hand in this, much to Hewlett's pleasure.

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