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Turn: Washington's Spies -
The Complete First Season
Turn Season 1 Blu-ray front cover.jpg
Release date(s): March 17, 2015
Discs: 3
Studio: AMC
Region: 1

Abe Woodhull, a farmer living in British-occupied Long Island, bands together with a disparate group of childhood friends to form the Culper Ring. Together they risk their lives and honor, and turn against family and King, for a fight they believe in passionately, ultimately helping George Washington turn the tide of the Revolutionary War in favor of the rebels. Their daring efforts also revolutionize the art of espionage, giving birth to modern tradecraft as we know it today, along with all of the moral complexity that entails.


"Who by Fire"
"Of Cabbages and Kings"
"Eternity How Long"
"Mr. Culpeper"
"Mercy Moment Murder Measure"
"Against Thy Neighbor"
"The Battle of Setauket"
The History of Turn: Washington's Spies
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Deleted Scenes
Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1 (2014)
Turn: Origins

101. "Pilot"
102. "Who by Fire"
103. "Of Cabbages and Kings"
104. "Eternity How Long"
105. "Epiphany"

106. "Mr. Culpeper"
107. "Mercy Moment Murder Measure"
108. "Challenge"
109. "Against Thy Neighbor"
110. "The Battle of Setauket"

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