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Turn: Washington's Spies -
The Complete Second Season
Turn Season 2 DVD front cover.jpg
Release date(s): March 22, 2016
Discs: 3
Studio: AMC
Region: 1

The Patriot cause has suffered the crushing loss of their capital city of Philadelphia to the British. Washington's army faces desertion and death, and the embattled General faces conspirators from within his own ranks, as well as personal demons he keeps hidden from the men he leads. Washington's closest ally in these dark times is also his most celebrated battle commander, Benedict Arnold a friend whose growing discontent will threaten the fate of the Revolution. Outnumbered and outgunned on the battlefield, Washington is counting on his ring of young spies and his greatest hope, Abe Woodhull, a lone civilian deep behind enemy lines, who finds he has little left to lose and is willing to risk everything he has left... including his soul.


"Thoughts of a Free Man"
"Hard Boiled"
"False Flag"
"Men of Blood"
"Sealed Fate"
"Houses Divided"
"Valley Forge"
"The Prodigal"
"Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot"
Inside Turn: Washington's Spies
  • Episode 201
  • Episode 202
  • Episode 203
  • Episode 204
  • Episode 205
  • Episode 206
  • Episode 207
  • Episode 208
  • Episode 209
  • Episode 210
Deleted & Extended Scenes
A Treacherous Trio
Washington & Billy Lee
Turn: Washington's Spies Season 2 (2015)

201. "Thoughts of a Free Man"
202. "Hard Boiled"
203. "False Flag"
204. "Men of Blood"
205. "Sealed Fate"

206. "Houses Divided"
207. "Valley Forge"
208. "Providence"
209. "The Prodigal"
210. "Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot"

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