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Running time44 minutes

Original airdateApril 25, 2016

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Written byCraig Silverstein

Directed byMichael Nankin

"Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot""Cold Murdering Bastards"


Abe covers up a murder with an unlikely accomplice. Benedict Arnold abuses his power as he settles into a new home in Philadelphia.


At Artillery Park in Valley Forge, two Continental Army soldiers make their way to a hangman's noose.

The night before, Ben and Caleb are seen interrogating William Bradford and Thomas Hickey about receiving money from Mr. Matthews and Governor Tryon. Ben asks who else in the camp is being paid off by the British and says that in exchange for information, the men will hang for counterfeiting instead. "I wish to be hanged for treason," Hickey says. "To mutiny against you traitors is an act of honor." Bradford suggests Ben trade them for Culper instead. General Washington offers to free the first man who discloses the "true name of our agent Culper." When Hickey and Bradford fall silent, General Washington realizes they don't know that Culper is an alias.

George Washington views the hanging of William Bradford and Thomas Hickey

General Washington views the hanging of William Bradford and Thomas Hickey.

At the hanging, the Provost Marshal announces Bradford and Hickey's charges as counterfeiting, but Hickey interjects. "My aim was to kill Washington!" he starts. The hooded executioner quickly shoves both men off the platform, decapitating Hickey and revealing Caleb as the executioner in the process.

At Whitehall that night, Mary waits for Abe to return home. "I warned you not to do this," Anna tells her. Richard questions Abe's whereabouts, but Mary maintains that Abe went to town. Abe walks in and mentions being at the farm, but quickly alters his story to match Mary's. As Abe and Mary head upstairs, Richard asks Abe about his missing pistol. Abe suggests checking with Aberdeen.

In their bedroom, Mary notices a ligature mark on Abe's neck. "Eastin is dead, but he didn't fall without a fight," Abe says. Abe says Mary should focus on her task of getting a copy of Hewlett's encrypting plate and a sample of André's handwriting so that he can plant a letter on Eastin. "Hewlett must believe that André has no interest in meeting me," he says. Mary says Richard is getting suspicious, but Abe insists he won't act. "Our plan is working. Your plan," he says. They embrace.

Benedict Arnold speaking with the Commissioner of Forfeiture

Arnold speaks with the Commissioner of Forfeiture.

The next day, Benedict Arnold takes Peggy for a carriage ride in Philadelphia and waves to his enthusiasts in town. He asks if she's found a husband for her sister yet, a condition Peggy said must be met before she and Arnold marry. Arnold, growing impatient, says Peggy has "a suitor and fiancé champing at the bit." Joseph Reed, who lords over Pennsylvania's Supreme Executive Council, locks eyes with Arnold as they move down the street. The carriage stops and Arnold points to Penn Mansion, their future home. Peggy reminds him that she can't enter without a chaperone. Arnold invites her to come back at night. Inside Penn Mansion, Benedict Arnold confronts the Commissioner of Forfeiture about the condition of his unpacked home, which includes sequestered property from Stansbury Manor. The Commissioner says he must transport the items, which were "confiscated from the enemies of America," to a military storehouse where they will be auctioned off to support the army. “Three years fighting for our country with no recompense save wounds got in battle," Arnold says. He throws the Commissioner to the ground and kicks him out.

In York City at John André's home, Abigail admonishes her son Cicero when she catches him reading from André’s bookshelf. Simcoe knocks on the front door, looking for André. He lets himself in and questions Abigail about where Akinbode (Jordan) went after delivering Cicero to her. When she feigns ignorance, Simcoe mentions the possibility of desertion.

John André discussing the Culper Ring with John Graves Simcoe

André discussing the Culper Ring with Simcoe.

André walks in and sits down with Simcoe. He asks if Simcoe knows Samuel Culper, who André learned about from Ben's personal notes. "A small but effective spy ring has been operating right under our nose," André says. Simcoe suggests the name Culper might be an alias.

At Whitehall, Abe, Richard, Anna, Mary and Hewlett dine together. Abe discusses his plan to move back to his farm while he inconspicuously wraps food in a napkin and hides it. He gets up to leave, but Richard reminds him that it's the anniversary of Abe's mother’s death. Abe suggests Richard take Thomas to visit her stone.

Abe returns to his farmhouse, still in ruins after being burned down. Robert Rogers appears and asks Abe if he brought breakfast. Abe hands over the food he hid, but suggests they move to his spy cave in the cellar. Rogers gut-punches him and puts Abe's knife, which was hidden in Abe's sleeve, to his throat. "You can't kill your secrets," Rogers says. Abe claims Rogers can't kill him, but Rogers reminds him that he's just using him to get to André. Abe asks Rogers where Eastin's body is hidden so he can replace the letter inside Eastin's dispatch case to appear as if Eastin was killed on his way back from the city with a letter from André. "If you want to use me, you have to help me," Abe says.

Edmund Hewlett telling Anna Strong that he loves her

Hewlett tells Anna that he loves her.

At Whitehall, Hewlett approaches Anna about her wish to tell him something private. As Mary heads upstairs, Anna realizes she’s being used as a distraction, but plays along. Anna stammers and then suggests she move back to Strong Manor. Meanwhile, Mary sneaks into Hewlett's room, inks a quill and traces the apertures from Hewlett's Cardan grille onto a fresh piece of paper. Back downstairs, Hewlett professes his love for Anna and his desire for her to stay. Anna, emotional, excuses herself. Hewlett heads upstairs, moments after Mary steals a letter from André and makes her exit.

In the woods, Abe digs up Eastin's corpse and vomits. Rogers sprinkles the remains of his breakfast over the corpse and says he's "inviting the forest to feast and cover your mistakes." Rogers instructs Abe to retrieve the letter. Before he leaves, Abe asks about Richard's pistol. Rogers returns it.

John André hears about Peggy Shippen's engagement to Benedict Arnold

André hears about Peggy's engagement to Arnold.

At André’s home, André encourages Cicero to improve his reading and hands him a letter, written by Peggy to Rebecca Franks in care of André. Abigail enters as Cicero reads Peggy's letter, announcing her engagement to Benedict Arnold. André's face falls. Abigail escorts Cicero out.

In the hallway, Abigail reprimands Cicero, who explains he was looking for something to send to Anna. Abigail slaps him and reminds him that they're not spies.

André pens a letter to Peggy as Rebecca Franks, expressing her happiness for the wedding and says her friends wish to meet Arnold.

In Philadelphia, Peggy hides from view and listens to Joseph Reed and his entourage talk ill of Benedict Arnold as they exit a building. She spots a young boy and convinces him to take a letter inside the building.

Abe returns to Whitehall to retrieve Mary's tracing and André's writing sample. He hands her Richard's pistol before leaving again.

Richard Woodhull at Rebecca Woodhull's gravesite

Richard at Rebecca's gravesite.

At Rebecca Woodhull's gravesite, Richard says he "failed to save our firstborn from being killed in battle and failed to raise our second to be a moral man."

In his spy cave, Abe forges André's letter to Hewlett. As he writes, Rogers says he's after justice, not revenge. "All those Commissioned Officers who looked down on me..." Rogers says. "They refused to treat me as an equal, just as Britain refuses America."

Abe and Rogers plant the letter on Eastin, whose face is chewed away by animals, and run off when they hear soldiers approaching. Taking cover, they watch as three Redcoats discover the body.

That night, Benedict Arnold and Peggy make love in Penn Mansion, where the furniture is now set in place. Joseph Reed and his entourage knock on the door. Peggy hides and listens as Reed presents Arnold with a warrant to check his inventory and cites charges against Arnold that could be seen as “trafficking with the enemy.” Arnold claims slander, but Reed shows him the anonymous letter that Peggy had planted earlier, detailing Arnold's schemes. When Reed leaves, Peggy plays innocent and Arnold suggests she return home. She smiles as she walks out.

At Whitehall, Mary bathes Abe.

Richard Woodhull telling Edmund Hewlett that Abraham Woodhull is a spy

Richard tells Hewlett that Abe is a spy.

In his bedroom, Hewlett studies the letter found on Eastin. Richard enters. Hewlett, believing Abe's forged letter, tells Richard that Simcoe killed one of his men and dissuaded André’s interest in Abe's intelligence about the Sons of Liberty. Richard says it's best that Abe not go to New York again. "He is a criminal," Richard says. "A traitor against the crown."

Hewlett takes in the news that Abe is a spy for the Continental Army.





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